Wednesday, September 15

walking through gold

Susie MacMurray has recenty installed a beautiful new work in one of the hall ways at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire. Called Promenade, it involves the painstaking weaving of metres and metres of golden thread between the columns to create a shimmering maze of iridescent light.

Her aim was to use the space to reflect the wealth and ornament usually associated with grand country houses and transfer this feeling into a powerful installation. She certainly created a beautiful atmosphere as the sunlight glistened and dappled across the threads and little children tried hard not to run their fingers along them!

It brought up some very interesting conversation with rather sceptical vistiors who were eventually persuaded that the emotional effect and the stunning beauty of a piece of public art could far outweigh any presumptions of wasting money and time.
Art always wins!

Its on until 10th October 2010. Kedleston Hall website with more info.