Tuesday, April 5

Monday, April 4

The Slant by Ani DiFranco

Although the words are inspiring in themselves, they are much more powerful when heard in their original voice. Ignore the graphics, just listen.


Thursday, October 7

desert island landscapes

Stanage Edge, Derbyshire. Why would you want to live anywhere else?

captured light

Interesting late afternoon sunshine over Fargate.


A vital must see in Paris is to find the Musee de l'orangerie and immerse yourself in Monet's Nympheas (I would have stayed until everyone had gone then sat for another hour if I could!) The scale and beauty of the paintings is hard to put into words and photos don't really do it justice. Basically you have to go, its truly awesome.

Wednesday, October 6

Paris Je t'aime

Paris in the summer is simply beautiful. The architecture, the people, the food, the art. Certainly becoming one of my favourite places outside Yorkshire! A recent trip delivered these little snippets of Parisian quirk.

Wednesday, September 15

walking through gold

Susie MacMurray has recenty installed a beautiful new work in one of the hall ways at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire. Called Promenade, it involves the painstaking weaving of metres and metres of golden thread between the columns to create a shimmering maze of iridescent light.

Her aim was to use the space to reflect the wealth and ornament usually associated with grand country houses and transfer this feeling into a powerful installation. She certainly created a beautiful atmosphere as the sunlight glistened and dappled across the threads and little children tried hard not to run their fingers along them!

It brought up some very interesting conversation with rather sceptical vistiors who were eventually persuaded that the emotional effect and the stunning beauty of a piece of public art could far outweigh any presumptions of wasting money and time.
Art always wins!

Its on until 10th October 2010. Kedleston Hall website with more info.

Thursday, October 22

been a little busy lately so not much happened for a while. hope to get back on to it.
I was recently shown this artist, Kseniya Simonova, a 24 year old who won the Ukraine's Got Talent competition with this amazing sand animation telling their war history. so clever.

Sunday, July 26

meaningful markers

by the poet, artist, writer Alec Finlay, in a little greenhouse on the garden path at the YSP.


enjoying the scupltures at YSP

Peter Randall-Page at YSP

A drizzly trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (www.ysp.co.uk) turned out to be a most inspiring afternoon, just what I needed to fire up the creative juices. 
There is currently an extensive exhibition of Peter Randall-Page's (www.peterrandall-page.com) wonderful sculptures, most of which were made recently and some specifically for the YSP's amazing spaces. 

His work has a integrity and subtlety similar to that of Andy Goldsworthy, beautiful and monumental, quirky and completely understandable. Because of the way he examines such simple and obvious but often overlooked aspects of nature, he makes real what many of us wouldn't think to do.
It was refreshing and completely wonderful.  

Every garden should have one.

Unfortunately no photography was allowed inside the gallery so take a peek on the YSP website.

Thursday, July 23

girl with a pearl earring

I was given a print of this beautiful painting for my birthday. Vermeer has a little of that genius-ness flowing through him (watch below if confused). I particularly love the way he captures light, such simplicity with an ordinary but special feeling.

Read the book by Tracy Chevalier and then see the film with Scarlet Johansson, they are both delightful.

Genius idea

It's been a while. sorry. lots has happened, degree show, Art in Action, starting new job.

Have a watch of this very inspiring talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love as she talks about the origins of creativity and the idea that we all have a genius. Perfect if you're feeling at all uneasy with your creativity or just want something interesting to think about.

Saturday, June 6

Penguin Cafe

well. last night was the most wonderful concert/gathering. I feel as if they are now good friends. 
it was amazing seeing music that is only ever heard. I know that goes for all live concerts, but there is something special about this. 
the rhythm, the syncopation.. so clever.

this clip is the original orchestra, which has now been recreated by Simon Jeffes' son Arthur.
they are now touring, try to get to see them.

thank you B.